More me

Outside of my technical pursuits, I also have other interests, including martial arts, cooking, music and movies. I love all kinds of music- from Mozart to Muse, 80's pop to Sick Puppies and in regards to movies, I like almost anything, even the occasional horror flick. Living abroad for a number of years has given me an appreciation for international movies as well - in particular Italian and French.

I have been studying Choi Ly Fut Kung Fu for several years now and I find it completely addictive. It has actually gotten me away from my computer more often than I'm comfortable with even. It is a huge system and I have only begun to learn small amounts of hand forms, two-person sets and weapons forms.

I'm also a big fan of books, from cheesy fiction up through the classics, I read almost anything. These days I don't have as much time as I'd like for reading just for pleasure though.

Being outdoors is enjoyable too, and I love hiking, running and swimming. Another sport I enjoy is racing motorcycles - or at least driving them as if I were racing. This all takes a back seat in the fall however, when football is on.

I painted for a number of years too, mostly with acrylics, and mostly abstract art, focusing on the energy of the mark; just pushing it and trying to make it burn as bright as possible.

Unforunately, my interest in cooking as well as the others I mentioned above have mostly been sidelined due to the large amount of time I spend on my mac or at kung fu.