Welcome! I'm a hybrid: part engineer, designer, writer, artist, and a bit of a tinkerer. I'm creative, and a problem-solver. I've lived abroad, in a handful of states in the U.S., and currently reside in the Bay Area.

I graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts), and a background in Fine Art and graphic design. These skills I feel are consistent throughout the body of my work, from production art to web design and development. I also attribute this background to my love of front-end engineering, HCI, and UI/UX interest. Composition, typography, layout, color, and proportion feel natural to me. I believe they are as essential in this very digital world as they ever were prior, if not more so.

I more recently graduated again, from Carnegie Mellon this time, with a MSCS, (Masters in Computer Science), exploring topics central to engineering - process, human resources, and development theories, among others. This gave me a new perspective and new insight into the world I now inhabit, and the people who are my colleagues.

My path to engineering was rather convoluted. I lived abroad in South Korea for nearly a decade, surviving by teaching English as a second language mostly. While there, some colleagues and I started and ran a magazine. This led to graphic design, page layout, production art, and computer graphics becoming my passions.

Since repatriating, I have been constantly learning - teaching myself web design, development, and picking up ASP, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Rails, Postgres, CSS, HTML, MySQL, and whatever else I needed for different roles, or what I found that interested me.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to leave a comment, shoot me an email, or look me up on LinkedIn, or github.





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